Wednesday, August 10, 2011

East Coast Mini-Tour/New Album/Music for Film

Hello friends,
Just wanted to give an update on some musical happenings. I have finished the tracking of a new album. The album consists of one composition that spans about 30 minutes. It is broken into a few sections and is based around acoustic/electric guitar and drums/drum-samples/found-sound samples. It will be mastered very soon and I'm planning on releasing the record on vinyl and/or finding the right label to put behind it, eventually. On the wicked soon. I have been hard at work on the album since around March of this year and I'm extremely excited to share it with friends.
In other news...
I'm heading east for a couple shows in September

Sep 16 @ Cafe Orwell in Brooklyn, NY w/ Jonny Deblase Trio and Kevin Hufnagel
Sep 17 @ Sinergy Space Philadelphia, PA w/ Many Arms and Many More

And yet more news, a few tracks off of "Brittle Star City" will appear in a film titled "Quiet Place in The Universe" by filmmaker Tyler Ludowitz. Including an unreleased track titled "Auroral Lips" which can be downloaded here:


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