Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Album Streaming/U Sco's first Show/Film

Hey friends,
My new album "Hex Fortunes" is now streaming in it's entirety here. I'm super excited about how the record turned out, it's been a pretty intense five months of tracking, composing, and arranging but I'm glad that the music is finally mastered. I will be waiting a few months however to release it proper, working closely with longtime friend and filmmaker Joseph Burgess on a collaborative video that will go along with the music and be included as a dvd with the album. Joe is an incredibly talented and creative individual that makes some really great stop-animation films and music. Additionally, I'm planning on performing the album live along with the "Hex Fortunes" film as soon as it is ready for release. Christmas time?
In other news...U Sco is playing this coming Monday night at Laughing Horse Books! This show marks the band's first live performance. The band features Jon Scheid and Phil Cleary of D.LB,D! and The Jezebel Spirit fame. Also playing are wicked sick bands Groundskeeper, The Early, and possibly one more TBA. See you there?

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