Friday, October 7, 2011

Hex Fortunes download/Film Trailer

Hey friends,
A new album of mine "Hex Fortunes" is now on bandcamp for free download here.

Really excited about how the album turned out. I spent a pretty crazy amount of effort on this, even though it's a short release. Around 24 minutes of acoustic/electric guitar, drum programming, keys, and other samples. I'm really interested in hearing anything that anyone has to say about it, drop me line if the tunes strike your fancy at all? I'm also really hoping to put out the release proper but unsure of promotions and whatnots.

In other news, I have made a musical contribution to a film titled "Quiet Place in The Universe," by filmmaker Tyler Ludowitz. Also contributing to the soundtrack are: Zs, Carson McWhirter, Shane Perlowin, Kyle Bobby Dune, and Nymph. Here's a write up and the trailer. Stoked!

Quiet Place in The Universe

After a summer working in a fish factory and sleeping in a car in Homer Alaska, traveler and filmmaker Tyler Ludowitz took a one way flight to India with nothing but a backpack, a super 8 camera and as little as two hours worth of film. Working with limited celluloid, Ludowitz had to be exceedingly selective with what he shot, sometimes going weeks without rolling the shutter. Quiet Place in the Universe documents his travels as he made his way through Thailand, China, and eventually back to the United States. The film he returned with is intensely brutal, wholly raw, and at times unexpectedly beautiful. Quiet Place sets itself apart by invoking a cinematic experience that is truly D.I.Y. to the fullest extreme.

-John Appleton, Editor

Quiet Place in the Universe Trailer from John Appleton on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Album Streaming/U Sco's first Show/Film

Hey friends,
My new album "Hex Fortunes" is now streaming in it's entirety here. I'm super excited about how the record turned out, it's been a pretty intense five months of tracking, composing, and arranging but I'm glad that the music is finally mastered. I will be waiting a few months however to release it proper, working closely with longtime friend and filmmaker Joseph Burgess on a collaborative video that will go along with the music and be included as a dvd with the album. Joe is an incredibly talented and creative individual that makes some really great stop-animation films and music. Additionally, I'm planning on performing the album live along with the "Hex Fortunes" film as soon as it is ready for release. Christmas time?
In other news...U Sco is playing this coming Monday night at Laughing Horse Books! This show marks the band's first live performance. The band features Jon Scheid and Phil Cleary of D.LB,D! and The Jezebel Spirit fame. Also playing are wicked sick bands Groundskeeper, The Early, and possibly one more TBA. See you there?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

East Coast Mini-Tour/New Album/Music for Film

Hello friends,
Just wanted to give an update on some musical happenings. I have finished the tracking of a new album. The album consists of one composition that spans about 30 minutes. It is broken into a few sections and is based around acoustic/electric guitar and drums/drum-samples/found-sound samples. It will be mastered very soon and I'm planning on releasing the record on vinyl and/or finding the right label to put behind it, eventually. On the wicked soon. I have been hard at work on the album since around March of this year and I'm extremely excited to share it with friends.
In other news...
I'm heading east for a couple shows in September

Sep 16 @ Cafe Orwell in Brooklyn, NY w/ Jonny Deblase Trio and Kevin Hufnagel
Sep 17 @ Sinergy Space Philadelphia, PA w/ Many Arms and Many More

And yet more news, a few tracks off of "Brittle Star City" will appear in a film titled "Quiet Place in The Universe" by filmmaker Tyler Ludowitz. Including an unreleased track titled "Auroral Lips" which can be downloaded here:


Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hey friends.
The new U Sco demo has been recorded and can be downloaded here. U Sco is: Jon Scheid on bass, Phil Cleary on Drums, and myself on electric guitar. Hopefully we will have another proper release in the coming months as well as performance announcements. Jon and Phil are also in a band called Duck, Little Brother, Duck! that rules hard. Currently I am very hard at work on a new solo release, this new recording is one composition that stretches roughly 3o minutes of electric/acoustic guitar and drums/sampled drums. The album will be called "Operant" and represents much of my work since recording with With Eyes Abstract this last winter. Really excited to share it with everyone! Hope this news finds you well and full of summer's embrace.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Music/Teaser Videos

Hey so just wanted to make some friends aware of some new music that is happening. Myself, Jon Scheid and Phil Cleary have started a band called U Sco. We are demoing a couple new tunes this week and I'll have them posted online just as soon as they are mixed. Below are a couple clips of me and Phil playing in a garage in San Diego earlier this spring. I'm really excited for the band and the energy that we all have together. We've all been such close friends for so many years and we've always played music with each other but never in a concentrated band effort. Stoked.
Talk soon,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Site

This site is dedicated to the happenings of myself - guitarist/composer Ryan Albert Miller from Portland, OR. Much music is being worked on right now. News to share next week!