Friday, October 7, 2011

Hex Fortunes download/Film Trailer

Hey friends,
A new album of mine "Hex Fortunes" is now on bandcamp for free download here.

Really excited about how the album turned out. I spent a pretty crazy amount of effort on this, even though it's a short release. Around 24 minutes of acoustic/electric guitar, drum programming, keys, and other samples. I'm really interested in hearing anything that anyone has to say about it, drop me line if the tunes strike your fancy at all? I'm also really hoping to put out the release proper but unsure of promotions and whatnots.

In other news, I have made a musical contribution to a film titled "Quiet Place in The Universe," by filmmaker Tyler Ludowitz. Also contributing to the soundtrack are: Zs, Carson McWhirter, Shane Perlowin, Kyle Bobby Dune, and Nymph. Here's a write up and the trailer. Stoked!

Quiet Place in The Universe

After a summer working in a fish factory and sleeping in a car in Homer Alaska, traveler and filmmaker Tyler Ludowitz took a one way flight to India with nothing but a backpack, a super 8 camera and as little as two hours worth of film. Working with limited celluloid, Ludowitz had to be exceedingly selective with what he shot, sometimes going weeks without rolling the shutter. Quiet Place in the Universe documents his travels as he made his way through Thailand, China, and eventually back to the United States. The film he returned with is intensely brutal, wholly raw, and at times unexpectedly beautiful. Quiet Place sets itself apart by invoking a cinematic experience that is truly D.I.Y. to the fullest extreme.

-John Appleton, Editor

Quiet Place in the Universe Trailer from John Appleton on Vimeo.

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